Dolan Pondsmith. Artist.

Hi everyone, my name is Dolan Pondsmith! I'm an artist who is always extending my knowledge and capabilities. I primarily pride myself on tradition watercolor, but also excel at Copic markers, inks, and color pencils. My art has extended to doing some basic digital illustrations, digital portraits and comics. I'm always pushing to reach better results and finding new techniques. I strive to provide art that others will happily display and that I can be proud of.

I have worked professionally as an artist for seven years, but have held the passion since I was very young. As I have grown, so has my art. I have lived in the Seattle area for many years now. I graduated from Eastlake High School in 2012. I attended school at AIE in Seattle. I have done work with both companies and individuals.

References & Reviews

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I have worked for many years with many individuals to create creatures and characters from their imagination. It would be impossible for me to list all of these individuals. However, some of the bigger projects I have done include working with the following people and companies:

- R. Talsorian Games Inc.

- Illustrations

- Character Art

- Concept Art

- Woody Arnold

- Comic Paneling, Sketches & Inking

- Concept Art

- Illustrations

- Holly Berman

- Illustrations

- Character Art

I have attended several events and displayed at several places including:

- Nerdfaire Con

- Frame Up Studios

- Rain City Integrative Clinic

- Friday Afternoon Tea

- Zulu's

- Pilates Edmonds

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She is awesome, great rates and did a great job of creating a great drawing of my Themian Sith Lord. Highly recommend. Also she is friendly and very likable. Keep up the great work.

- Shawn

Over the years I have commissioned many pieces from Dolan Pondsmith, and each and every time she has surpassed my expectations time and again! I strongly recommend her to any and everyone I meet because not only does her art style bring life to that of the drawing itself but you also know that in the end you get what you paid for.

- Holly

Dolan is incredibly creative with the amazing talent to create in a wide variety of art styles. She is patient when working with you in the process of bringing concepts to life. Her techniques continue to impress me as I work with her more.

- Tarabella

Artist Dolan Pondsmith is a true visionary.What better way to begin the new year than with an artist who is destined to change the world. It will be exciting to watch this young artist grow and evolve. Pondsmith's use of different techniques, mediums, and styles is what immediately captivates the viewer. Our first show of 2020 is sure to be one of our best.

-Frame Up Studios

I came in today and saw the art up. It's GORGEOUS. I'm beyond happy to see the art in this space! Did I mention how awesome everything looks on the walls? Ah! I just love it! I may have to get a commission for my bestie's FFXIV character! We’ve sold at least 4 to staff already this morning and there are a few more that the staff are fighting over. If I had the spare cash I’d buy EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

- Tonja

Her art is absolutely spectacular, and she checks in during the drawing process to make sure everything looks how you're imagining it.

- Anne